Dale Crawford MMD, BFA, Dip. A

When Dale was eight years old he was poisoned causing him to lose his memory. Already obsessed with the cinema, Dale developed his memory through storytelling, communicating his ideas through film.

Dale’s primary passion is to write and direct films. He has many stories to tell and much life experience to draw from. His greatest pleasure comes from crafting unique and powerful cinematic stories that will forever be remembered.

Nineteen years ago he began studying screenwriting at Swinburne University and working on film projects at the Victorian College of the Arts (VCA). Dale went on to study Fine Arts at the VCA, Arts at Melbourne University, cinema at La Trobe University and advertising at AWARD School, completing his formal studies by writing and directing short films for a Masters of Multimedia Design at Monash University.

He has had a myriad of experiences since. Dale made and screened a short film at ACMI, set up design companies and has written magazine articles, copy and scripts. He has given television interviews for Australian, Asia Pacific and Canadian television, appeared in TVCs, feature films and documentaries and performed as a model, actor and stuntman.

Dale currently has numerous film and television projects at various stages of development.